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Roy // Ed log [unfinished]

This happened like..2 weeks ago but it never got finished and I dont know if it will, so I'm posting it anyways. >>;

Ed frowned as he looked up at the door infront of him. Why was he here? How did he even know where Roy lived? He had once planned to transmute Roys uniform into a school girls outfit while Roy was out, he remembered. He looked down at the thermos in his hands that was full of the chicken soup he and his brother had made the night before. Couldn't let Roy starve. Wel, he probably wasn't but oh well. He raised his metal arm and knocked quickly, glancing around a bit.

How he loathed being sick. The coughs, and the run by fevers -- all of it was simply a pain. Roy couldn't remember the last time the flu bug had gotten hold of him, but it was definitely quite some time ago. How he had become flu-ridden this time? He wasn't even sure. Knock. Knock. Serious hues slid over to the door at the quick knock. Visitors was something unexpected. Mustang pushed himself from off his occupied chair, making way over to the door before opening it. "Fullmetal?!" His tone dripping with obvious surprise. The last person he would think to see standing at his front door was the o'chibi one himself.

"Yo," The blond said, simply as he looked up at the older man. What was he supposed to do now? He raked his mind for something to say. He hadn't thought of what to do if Roy actually opened the door. He expected it to be slammed in his face by now, for some reason. "Aru and I had made much soup last night, so...Since you were sick..." He held out the thermos to him.

Was the fever playing some sort of mind trick on him? Yes, that was it. This was probably just one odd hallucination. "Oh? I see..." Pale hand reached out, taking the thermos into it's firm grasp -- wait. The thermos was solid. So, this wasn't just some weird mind trick after all. But, Ed bringing him chicken soup? The world must be ending, he mused to himself. "Thank you. Do you wish to come in?" Roy stood to the side, allowing for the small one to step in if he wished to do so.

Ed shrugged a little as he noticed how pale Roys hand was. Must suck being sick, he thought to himself as he walked inside, "Your Welcome," was the quick reply as he looked around, studying the room. Maybe if he found out where Roy kept his uniform he could actually transmute it when Roy wasnt looking. He had already done a good deed for the day, so a prank on the older man wouldn't be that bad. Then again, he was sick. Roys home was pretty..plain, the full metal noticed.

He shut the door quietly behind the blonde youth, turning to face the inside of his 'plain' room. In truth, he was never one for much decoration. "Sit wherever you please." Roy eyed full metal carefully before stepping away from the door, hand placing the thermos on a nearby table. "This is most definitely a surprising visit. Are you here to blow up my home, or transmute some of my things?" A forced grin found it's way onto his sick features.

"One or the other would be good," He shrugged, "But it'd be cruel to transmute/blow up the property of an old sick man," Ed replied, putting as much emphasis he could on old . He never did find out how old Roy actually was. He'd have to find that out sometime. Ed sat down on the couch and examined the room again from the new angle.

"I figured as much." A small chuckle slipping through his dry lips. "Aren't you just the most generous one today? -- And I'm not old. Sick? Maybe. But, not old." Roy shifted from his position, stepping over to the other side of the couch, plopping himself in the empty seat. The raven black strands falling to cover over the matching eyepatch as his head was turned to look over at Ed. "By all means, if you wish to cause some havoc to my home, do it now. For this is about the only time you'll be able to."

"If I want to do something to your house, I'll do it while your not here," Ed replied, watching him. "...If your not old, how old ARE you?" He asked, wondering if he'd actually get a straight answer on this question for once. Up until as of late, he just thought Roy was in his thirties. He looked around his early 30s, now with the eye path to make him look even older.

"Unfortunately for you, by that time I will be well enough to fry your shrimp self." Roy may have been sick, but he still had some snark left in him -- although the flu had this draining effect he disliked so much. "I'm probably not as old as you honestly think I am. If you're thinking I'm over 30, then you're wrong."

Ed twitched, "Im not a shrimp." He glared at him. Then blinked. Not over 30, eh? That was a shock. Could've sworn he was older then 30. "...The eyepatch makes you look old," Edward decided, crossing his arms across his chest as he stared at the patch for a few moments, "...You look like a pirate. Do you wear that all the time?" He asked.

"You're in denial." Roy shifted on the couch, turning his body slightly in order to have a better view of the full metal. "Oh? Well there's not much I can do about that. It's not like I enjoy wearing this eyepatch." Seeing things from one eye was troublesome. "Yes, I realize I look like a pirate..." Pale digit was brought up to touch the black patch, brushing aside the random strands of fallen hair. "Unfortunately, yes. I have to wear it all the time until the doctor finally says it's alright to take it off."

Ed decided to ignore Roy. What did he know if Ed was in denial? Ed knew he wasnt short-- there must have been older people even shorter then him. Had to wear the eyepatch until the doctor said not too? He blinked a little. He really didn't know what happened to Roys eye; all he knew is it happened when he was fighting Pride. "...What happened to your eye, anyways?" He asked.

"It blew up." His tone was with obvious sarcasm. One seemed to acquire twisted humor after certain events, or at least he did. "It's not something I like to remember." Although Roy wouldn't admit to it out loud, it was probably one of the most terrifying experiences of his life; and he had a wide variety of experiences to account for. "Per--" His sentence was cut short, as he leaned forward; raising his free hand in order to muffle a series of intense coughs.

Ed rolled his eyes at the sarcasm in his voice. "I see..." He averted his gaze to out the window. It looked like it was gonna rain soon. He jumped slightly at the sudden violent coughs from Roy. He turned and looked at him quickly, wondering if he should do something ot just sit there...

Curse the flu, and all of it's accompanying side effects. The coughs subsided after a while, but the scratchy feeling in his throat remained. "Ah, ...excuse me. The coughs just come up out of nowhere." Roy straightened once again, leaning back into the couch. "It must be great, eh? Watching me in such a weak state." Roy chuckled lightly once again at his own humor, turning once again to view the blonde youth; the black tresses in a messy array.

Ed shook his head a little and looked out the window again, "Not really, its a little unnerving watching you hack up a lung like that." He replied, truthfully. Seeing Roy like that WAS a little strange. He hadn't been able to picture him sick until now. Though, he realized, he prefered a healthy Roy opposed to a sick one. There was no fun in pissing off a sick Roy who wouldnt do anything, compared to a healthy one who could burn his rear off.

"I would think you'd rejoice, small-metal." A strong emphasis placed on the word 'small.' He breathed in some of the cool room air, drawing it out in a rather long sigh. "By the way, did you enjoy the wonderful present I left in your mailbox not so long ago?" The cow plush, he was sure, would be long gone and burned by now.

"Whats the point in rejoicing? Your just gonna be back to your burning self sooner or later." He shrugged and leaned back on the couch, "...I forgot about that thing. Aru wont let me have a lighter." He frowned.

"Yes, I suppose you're right." His tone was softer than usual as he spoke -- the flu bug definitely added some odd quirks to your personality. "Oh? So the cow still lives after all. It should serve as a milk reminder to you."

Ed watched out the window again as it started to rain lightly as he predicted not very long ago, "Well, It's gotta die sometime. I wanna burn it so theres nothing left, but No lighters! Alphonse says. Grr." He rolled his eyes.

"Mm, I see. I feel bad for the cow.." Dark hues shifted to the window, watching as the light rain tapped against the foggy glass. "Do you like the rain, Edward?" His eyes stayed fixed on the glass; mind slightly hazy from the fever starting to build up.

"So does Alphonse. Thats why he's not letting me burn it." He leaned his head back and stared at the plain white cieling above them. Did he like the rain? He never really thought about it that much. "I don't mind it. It dosnt bother me."

"That's just like Alphonse to do such a thing." He turned away from the window, fixing his attention on the room instead. "I see, though I don't like it much myself." The rain always brought unwanted memories with it, though he wouldn't admit to that outloud. Roy leaned his head back against the couch, bringing a pale hand up to rest against his forehead. Yes, the fever was definitely rising up once again.

"If I were you I wouldn't like it either. You and your obsession with fire." He snorted, "Pyro," He added, as an afterthought. "...You must hate being sick, not being able to go out and hit on women," He said, closing his eyes halfway and looking back out the window.

"Haha, very true; small-metal. The rain and me just don't get along." He glanced over at Ed through half-lidded eyes. "Being sick does indeed hinder me from going out and meeting the ladies, but..." He trailed off, dropping his hand to lay on the couch. "If I hadn't been sick, I wouldn't of had the pleasure of Edward Elric coming to visit me in my own home."

Ed raised an eyebrow, "Very funny." He brushed a stray strand of golden hair out of his face before letting his hand go back to his lap. "I know you prefer hitting on women then sitting around talking to me." Not that it bothered him, of course.

"I wasn't trying to be funny." His breathing was oddly heavy, no thanks to the flu. "Sitting around talking with you is not all that horrid. This is probably the only time we've been in the same room and it's still in one piece." Roy opened his eyes momentarily, sliding them over to look at the fullmetal.

"Or not in flames," Edward added. It was true; almost everytime Ed was in the same room with him, they were either: A) yelling at each other B) Trying to kill each other C) Completely annhialating the room. "Then again, I doubt you'd want to completely destroy your own house." He said, not even noticing Roys eyes on him.

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