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Setting: A coffee shoppe in Central
Characters: Riza Hawkeye and Izumi Curtis
Rating: G
Summary: Izumi Curtis and Riza Hawkeye meet up for tea, and some confidential information is revealed.

Izumi exits the train station, still unsure about if this was a good idea. She was beginning to feel under the weather, but she felt that Riza had to know....

Captain Riza Hawkeye waited patiently at the train station for the arrival of Izumi Curtis. Despite her rank, however, she was barren in casual dress, a simple knee-length skirt, a blouse, and her hair tied back in a ponytail. She smiled and waved a greeting to the other woman as she picked her out from the crowd.

Izumi looked to the woman waving at her, and smile. She waved back and walk toward her.

Riza met with Izumi and held out her hand to shake. "Hello Mrs Curtis, it's nice to meet you," she said witha smile.

Izumi accepted the handshake offer. "It's a pleasure to meet you too. *coughs* I can't really stay long though. My illness seems to be around the corner. Shall we find someplace to sit down for a while?"

"There's a coffee shop around the corner," she offered, looking a little concerned about the other lady's cough. "Let us be off as soon as possible, then."

Izumi agrees and they both walked out of the station and into the coffee shop. Izumi didn't order anything and just ask for water.

Riza ordered some tea and poured in a small bit of sugar before looking up at Izumi again. "So, were there any other reasons for you to come to central?" she asked curiously, sipping her tea.

Izumi paused, about to drink her water..."Just tell me something before I tell you have...any sort of relationship with Roy Mustang?"

Riza paused a moment, trying hard not to accidentally spit her tea out on the table. She swallowed and shook her head. "Well... no... not besides co-workers, I suppose," she replied, sitting up straight. "Why do you ask?"

" it won't hurt to hear that Edward Elric loves him?" Her bottle shook in her hand as she said Edward's name. "...and I have a funny feeling...Roy has the same feelings for him..."

Riza blinked, taking another sip of tea. "Oh, that one is good," she said with a smile. She safely, though privately, of course, took the assumtion that this was either another online rumor, another joke, the fact that Izumi was ill, or a very late April Fool's joke.

"....I'm not joking around. Do I look like someone who kid-*coughs* You know what I mean...Ed's being a fool, and I don't know what Roy is up to." She slams the cup on the table. "It's not right...."

Riza stared at the other woman for a moment, realizing that she, indeed, was not joking. Her teacup slid from between her fingertips and landed with a thunk on the table, jaw open a bit. A small puddle of tea spread out over the wooden table. She remained mute, staring, dumbfounded, with no clue as to what she should say that wouldn't become a noise that sounded like a squirrel dying.

Izumi sighs as she takes a napkin and cleans the mess. "Much as I love to say it's not true, it is....and I want to get to the bottom of this..."

"... ysapedophILE?!?!" The fragmented sentance came out from quiet to loud. She shook her head suddenly and collected herself. "You've got to be kidding me."

Izumi throws the dirty napkin away. "Riza, look at me and you judge for yourself. Am I really lying?"
"B-b-b.." Riza leaned back in her seat, more confused than she ever had been. "Mrs... Mrs Curtis..." she said slowly, a little shaken. "... No one can find out about this."

Puts the tea cup back into position. "No one...only Winry and I know about Edward's sudden confession. I only need to know what Roy thinks of this..." Izumi looks at Riza, still in a state of shock. She smiles at her. "We'll just hope that things won't turn out bad in the end."

She shook her head. "No... you don't understand... it is mandatory that no one else finds about this, Mrs Curtis... the seriousness of this situation is unbelievably extreme. Would you mind leaving the talking to Roy Mustang in my hands?" she asked.

Izumi looked at Riza, seeing something that she saw in Winry. "...Sure." Takes another drink. "...still..." Slams it on the table. "I seriously don't understand what that shrimp sees in that guy. To love someone from the military, ugh, whatever happen to his hatred of the military, and what ABOUT WINRY!! AGH!" She looks to Riza. "^^;; No offense, really, I just hate seeind Ed wasting his life with him. hmph."

Riza rose from her seat, only half of what Izumi was saying processing in her mind. It was very important that she speak with Roy as soon as possible, was all that she could manage to think. "Mrs Curtis, I offer many appologies but I think I may have to cut our tea much shorter than I really would have liked... I have some urgent things to get to.."

Izumi looked her with concern. "...I understand." She made a hard cough. "I should be going dear Sigu must be worried sick..."

"Alright. It was a pleasure meeting you," she said, bowing low and picking up her hand bag. "Please do let me know if you ever come to central again... I'd like to have a much longer chat next time," she said with a smile.

Izumi returns the smile. "Sure. I like you, you're much different and better then those other dogs of the military." Izumi turns in the direction of the train station. She looks back. "I wish you best of luck..."

"And you, as well," she offered, with a wave, turning in the direction of HQ. "Take care, now! Goodbye!"

Izumi watched Riza walking away... She gave out a sigh and walked down to the train station. Finally heading home and getting some rest.

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