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equivilanttrade's Journal

Equivilant Trade - A Full Metal Alchemist RP
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.x. Welcome .x.

Welcome to equivilanttrade! This is a Full Metal Alchemist Roleplaying Community and if you are interested in joining us please, PLEASE ensure that you read the rules because they are very important, and a part of them will help garuntee your acceptance into the RolePlay.

.x. - Rules of Equivilant Trade - .x.

.x. before you join .x.

.x. Please read ALL the rules.

.x. Please send an application form (as shown below under "application") to Rainy_Luna@hotmail.com.

.x. Please DO NOT make a journal for your character until you have been notified of acceptance. ALSO, if you apply for a taken character, your application will be ignored.

1. Warning: If you are homophobic, or you do not like yuri and yaoi, then this is not the place for you. Yaoi and yuri are accepted and encouraged as much as hetero is.
2. Commitment: If you can NOT make a commitment to this community, do not bother applying. It is necessary that you be active in the community at least once a week (meaning, make one journal entry a week).

3. The Application:

Please E-mail a filled-out version of the form below to Rainy_Luna@hotmail.com-

Your Name: { your real life name, or nick name }
Character Name: { MUST be a Full Metal Alchemist character; NO MADE UPS }
LiveJournal username:
E-Mail Adress:
AIM username:
MSN screen name: { If you have this, put it. If not, ignore. }
Example of your Character's First Journal Entry: { Must be in FIRST PERSON (eg: I saw a pigeon explode today...)}
Human Transmutation: {You'll know what this means ... eventually. Just keep reading, jaa?}

(REMINDER: Wait until you are ACCEPTED into the community via e-mail to make your character journal. Thanks!)

.x. after you join .x.

4. LJ cuts: Please put all Roleplays under a cut! A cut's form is like this:

5. Fights: It is okay for your characters to fight IN CHARACTER, but OUT OF CHARACTER it is NOT allowed. We don't want anyone hating on eachother. So put your Haterade back in the fridge, and come and have... FUN. Yes, fun.

6. Absence: If you get grounded, your computer breaks down, you are going away on a trip somewhere, or you are unable to make a journal post for whatever reason, please notify a moderator ASAP. There are ways to get to a computer outside of your home; go to the library and use the internet there, or school, or a friend's computer. If you're going away on a trip, please try to let us know WHEN you will be going away and WHEN you will be back, within the week of the date you're going away. Please also make sure you have a valid reason for not being able to post.

GOOD EXAMPLE(s): "I'm going away on June 7th to visit New Zealand. I'll be back on July 1st!" "I got grounded and I'm not allowed on the computer for a week, so my attendance will be limited."
BAD EXAPMLE(s): "My dog peed on me, I have to clean my pants today and today is my posting day sorry bye." "I don't feel like roleplaying this week so I'm not posting on my journal."

(Note: As for the "I don't feel like roleplaying is a no-no" rule, if you have something serious going on in your life, are feeling depressed, really moody, or are experiencing something along the forms of a bad break up, that's a fine excuse. We know the feeling and understand completely. ^^)

7. roleplaying on msn/aim/yahoo: Roleplays, not journals, ROLEPLAYS, must all be in third person, the past tense, and must have proper spelling and grammar.

Bad example: enVy walkz ovr 2 eDoward and kikz him 1n d@ ballz.
Good example: Envy made a swift kick at Ed's groin. Damn, he thought, as he missed his target. He was wondering what Ed was like after a good kick to the crotch.
8. content ratings: Whatever floats you is fine with us. Content is ace; after all, we all like to roleplay the NC-17 stuff at some point in life. However, if your roleplay or entry is more than PG13, please mark it as a movie rating to warn people before the cut that the roleplay is in. (Rating examples(from soft to hard) : Pg-13, 14A, R, NC-17)

9. Random thing thats actually very important: To make sure you've read all of the 'rules', please put "Lost an Arm and a Leg" at the end of your application where it says: 'Human Transmutation:' If it isn't there, then we'll ignore you. If you forget and realize that you haven't five minutes later, send us a following message around the lines of "OH CRAP I FORGOT TO PUT LOST AN ARM AND A LEG AT THE END OF MY APPLICATION! I APPOLOGIZE, OH GREAT AND FAITHFUL MODERATORS!"


10. Something to point out: Near the end of this long long userinfo, theres information about where the RP takes place, how old everyone is, etc.

Yes. Anyway. That's all!

.x. Characters .x.

/./. Main Characters .\.\

Edward Elric = milksux // rainy_luna \\
Alphonse Elric

/./. Homunculi .\.\

Envy = always_envious //sleepy_syusuke \\
Wrath = ph34r_my_wrath //crackfandom \\
Sloth = sinful_mother // derestissilence \\
Lust = killdante // random_prophet \\
Greed = __avarice // myloveshine \\

/./. Military .\.\

Roy Mustang = u k n o w n // zodiacstargazer \\
Riza Hawkeye = hotshot_hawk // intimidat3d \\
Kain Fuery
Jean Havoc = _smokingman //samaside \\
Alex Louis Armstrong
Scheska // _bookfreak_ // princess_hikaru

/./. Other .\.\

Winry Rockbell = automailgal // Unknown
Pinako Rockbell
Izumi Curtis = obeysensei // azuraveedragon
Barry The Chopper
Shou Tucker
Fletcher = naturechemist // atoli

(Someones name spelt wrong? Am I missing someone? Let rainy_luna know, please! )

Thank you.

.x. Strange Little Plot Twist; You should probably Read /SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE SERIES\ .x.

In this RP, Edward did not go to the alter universe. He is still in 'his world,' as is Envy. Alphonse did get his body back, however, he still got back the body of a 10 year old; not his normal age(Just like that part is in the series). Wrath does still have Automail. It's about a year after the end of the series. So Ed would be 17, everyone else a year older then before, etc. If theres anything else that needs to be added, we'll add something. Right now, this is all we can think of; so just make everything else up if you want. =D

- Moderator is: rainy_luna

((Psst...Yes, we know we spelt 'equivalent' wrong.. >>; But it has to stay that way because the real spelling is taken. ))