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Rp log. It's safe, pretty much. Just probably a little swearing. 8D

It's from the night Ed went to Rizenbool.

Edward cackled badly as he waited just a few feet away, behind a tree, for Winry to step out of the house and onto the porch before he came any closer. He tossed a water balloon up and down in his hand, peering around the tree to glance over at the porch. He'd get revenge for all those times she hit him with that damned wrench of hers...

Winry was peering out a window, her eyes narrowed. She knew Ed was coming, but she didn't exactly know when he was going to appear, though she knew he had brought a little something with him.. Seeing no one around, she stood, and headed towards the door. She didn't see him, so it was safe for now, right? Her hand grasped the doorknob, turning it slightly, the door slowly opening..

Ed cackled madly inside his head as he quickly whipped around the tree once he heard the door creak open, and whipped the balloon at her. He didn't hit her, though he did get the wall right above where she was standing.

Winry let out a shriek, as the water from the balloon splashed down ontop of her head. "EDWARD ELRIC!" She mentally thanked god she hadn't worn white that day. She slammed the door shut, and skittered back into the kitchen, she had her own balloons.. but her's were filled with something that wasn't water.. She pulled a few balloons into her arms, and turned around, wondering if Ed had followed

Ed walked closer to the porch, though he hadn't dared walk inside. He shifted to the right slightly so he could look in the kitchen window. What did she herself have planned? He grabbed another waterballoon out of his bag.

Winry grinned evily to herself, and ran for one of the windows on the side of her home. Slowly sliding it open, she, as silently as she could, crawled out of it. The window shut behind her, a small thud heard as it shut. She took a few steps towards the corner of her home, and peeked around the corner..

Ed frowned. Uhoh. Where had she gone, now? The back door, perhaps? He turned to go around back.

Winry squinted her eyes some, when she thought she saw something move. She picked up one of the balloons, and in a quick motion, flung it towards the thing she had thought she saw move. A splat was heard, the balloon had hit the ground, not far from a tree. The insides of the balloon wasn't water, it was.. jello.

Ed frowned, great. Now his shoes were covered in... wait. What the heck was that? Eww. He'd have to make sure he dodged the balloons she had. He chucked another balloon at her.

Winry snickered some, but stopped when she was hit in the side of the head with one of his balloons. She wiped a bit of hair back, regretting that she hadn't put it up in a ponytail that morning. She pulled herself back behind the corner, right after throwing another jello filled balloon, cherry flavored.

Ed yelped. He ducked, instead of jumping out of the way. Though, he seemed to have forgotten about gravity. It landed on his head with a splat. Oh crap. He'd have a hell of a time getting whate--... Waitaminute. That smelt like jello... He looked at Winry like she was insane. "Jello?!" He whipped another one at her.

Winry burst out laughing, "Yes! Jell-" This one hit her in the chest. She fell onto her rear, one or two of her own balloons popping, the contents spilling over her legs and tummy. She twitched some, shoving herself up, running out into the open, throwing as many balloons as she could.

Ed threw his last balloon before he ran around to the other side of the house. This time, he had the hose.

Winry ducked, her hands covering her head, the rest of her balloons hitting the ground. The one Ed had thrown hit smack dab on the middle of her back. Oh, that's it, it's war time now. She began to run after him, "Get back here!" She didn't sound that mad though, when she yelled, she was laughing..

Ed nearly screamed. He turned the hose on, aiming at her. "I'll get you for the jello, Winry!" He yelled.

Winry yelped as she was hit with the water from the hose. "ACK! Stop it! That's cold, Ed!" She turned on her heel and began making her way towards the door. She had to get more balloons!

Ed smirked as he dropped the hose and ran after her, "Not so fast, Winry! Your not getting any more Jello-balloons!"

Winry turned her head some, sticking her tongue out at him as much as she could. "I'll get ones worse than those, Edward! And you can't stop me!" She was so close to the door.. her hand reached out.. Thud. Her foot had caught on something that was on the ground, though she most likely tripped over her own foot..

Ed blinked and knelt down beside her. He blinked, "You alright, Winry?" He asked.

Winry rolled onto her back, and blinked up at him. "Yea, I'm fine.." She looked up at his hair, a laugh excaping her lips. "Ed, I think.. you should get that... out of your hair.." She bit her lip, trying to hold back her laughs. Would jello turn blonde hair pink? She wondered..

Ed frowned. "Why? Whats wrong with my hair?"

Winry shook her head, "N-.. nothing, Ed.." She could barely hold it in.. the laughs. She slowly sat up, snickering as softly as she could.

Ed twitched. "Winry..." He watched her as his eyebrow started twitching even more. He got up to go find a mirror.

Winry watched him get up, and slowly stood. ".. You may not wanna go look, Ed!" She giggled some, now sounding like a school girl who was just discussing the high school 'hottie' with a friend.

As soon as Edward saw his reflection in the mirror in the washroom, he screamed ."WINRYYY!" He yelled, storming back downstairs.

That was Winry's cue to run for her life.. She didn't know the jello would have that effect! She didn't run though, instead she spoke in the most innocent tone she could fake at the moment, "Yes Edward?"

Ed only threw his hands up in defeat before he ran back upstairs. "UGHH!" He stormed back into the bathroom to take a shower. How dare she use Jello! now his hair was not only full of red chunks, but his hair was also a redish-orange tinge! So much for revenge, He thought.

Winry grinned to herself, her arms crossing. She frowned some, when she felt the jello and water on her clothes. "Eeewww..." She began towards her room, to change, or get ready for a shower, after Ed was done with his of course.

Ed walked out of the washroom after about twenty minutes of trying to get the jello out of his hair, and off his skin. He didn't know jello could get so damn sticky! He wandered downstairs, with a towel over his head and his shirt and jacket over his arm, which he tossed onto the edge of the couch as he sat down.

By the time Ed had gotten out of the shower, Winry had gotten impatient and just changed, instead of waiting for the shower. Sure, her hair was wet, her tummy and legs were a little sticky, but she could manage. She was now sitting on her bed, legs crossed, an automail peice infront of her. She was tinkering with the item some, but didn't seem to be paying too much attention to the thing.

Ed looked down at Den as he wandered over and sat at his feet. He dropped his hands onto his lap and pet the dog, smiling a little.

Winry's hand slipped, causing something in the peice of automail to break. She stared down at it, eyes wide. "... Oooh man..." She hung her head sadly, then shook it. A phrase came into her head, which caused her to twitch. It was something one of the people at the angermanagement building had told her before. She muttered it under her breath, though it was unadible.

Ed yawned a little as Den set his head on Eds lap. The blond leaned back on the couch tiredly, staring up at the cieling.

Winry perked a brow some, slowly sliding off of her bed. "Hey Ed! You hungry or something?" She'd cook something, maybe make some more jello..

Ed looked up at the stairs, "Sure!" He yelled back. Winry wasnt the best cook, but he was hungry...

Winry grinned some, nodding as though he could see her. She headed down the stairs, and into the kitchen. "Well, what do you want?" She'd atleast be kind enough to ask if he wanted anything specific.

"Anything..." Ed shrugged. "As long as it dosn't have poison," He couldn't resist. He smirked.

Winry rolled her eyes, "Oh yea? How 'bout some Jello? I'm sure you'd love that.." A smirk crossed her lips, as she turned towards the cuboards, rummaging through it, searching for something to cook.

Ed twitched, "I NEVER want to see jello again!" he yelled.

Winry couldn't help but laugh, "Alright! What about pudding?" She had to ask.. just had to.. She was originally going to put a mixture of both jello and pudding in the balloons, but decided against it..

"...Sure." He replied, getting up to watch her and make sure she didn't put anything in the pudding that shouldn't be there.

She nodded some, pulling out a few boxes of pudding. "Well, what flavor?" She tilted her head, looking at the boxes. There was chocolate, vinilla, and butterscotch.

"Uhh... chocolate," he replied. Ed leaned on a counter, watching her.

Winry nodded some, shoving the vinilla and butterscotch back into the cuboard. She pulled a large bowl and a spoon out. Her eyes darted towards him, her lips parting, "You just going to stand there?"

"I've got nothing else to do..." He replied.

"You could get the milk out of the fridge for me." She gave a sweet innocent smile, before looking away. She had to get the measuring cups out, to make sure she put in the correct amount of milk..

Ed twitched. Milk. Twitch. He got it out and set it on the counter before tetreating to the other side of the kitchen. Sure, he didn't mind it mixed with food, but he hated it by itself.

"You know, Ed, you should drink more milk. You need the calcium to grow, and we all know that you need to grow.." Winry snickered to herself, pulling out the measuring cups that she had searched for.

Ed twitched. "I'M NOT SHORT!" He yelled. "And I hate milk..." he mutttered.

Winry winced some, "Don't make me go deaf, midget.. And milk's good for you!!" She grabbed the milk bottle, poured the amount needed into two different cups, and then sat the bottle back down. She quickly opened the box of pudding, and opened the package. Dumping the powdery mix into the bowl, she reached over and grabbed both of the milks and poured the liquid into the bowl.

Ed frowned, "I don't like milk," He replied. "It's disgusting." He screwed his face up.

"It is not, it's perfectly fine, and if you honestly don't like the taste just plug your nose and down it!" She began to mix the liquid and powder in the bowl, while giving Ed the evil eye.

Ed snorted, "No!" he crossed his arms. "I will not drink that..that..crap!" He pointed at it.

Winry rolled her eyes, "It's not crap, Edward." She began to stir faster than before..

Ed rolled his eyes, deciding to agree. "Fine, Winry, it's not crap." He looked out the window; it had started to rain.

Winry nodded sharply, before looking down at the mixed concoction in the bowl. "I think we gotta let it sit for a couple of minutes or something..." She shrugged, turning away from the bowl of pudding. She gazed out the window, smiling faintly at the rain. "It's raining...." She had began to like rain recently, she found it.. pretty... sad... calming... and depressing, but she still liked it

Ed nodded, "Yeah." He continued to stare out the window. "It's not that bad." He yawned a little.

Winry tilted her head at him some, "You sleepy?" She could start acting like he's an infant and use the baby voice on him, ask if he wanted to take a nappy-wappy, and offer him a bottle, but she decided against it. She figured he was still somewhat angry about the jello thing earlier and if she angered him anymore, she'd be doomed.

Ed looked at her and shook his head, "No, I'm not tired." He retorted. Though he wouldn't mind crashing on the couch...

Winry's eyes rolled in their sockets, "Sure, I bet you're yawning for no reason what so ever.." She shrugged some, then looked towards the bowl of pudding. "I think it's safe to eat now, so chow down.."

"Arn't you going to have any?" He asked, walking over to a cupboard to find a smaller bowl.

Winry shook her head some, "No, I'm not that hungry..." She crossed her arms, and smiled faintly. She looked away some, focusing her eyes on the window, watching the rain.

Ed grew silent as he wandered the kitchen getting his bowl of pudding. After a few more moments of silence, he poked her in the cheek, leaving a small dot of chocolate pudding on her cheek. He grinned deviously.

Winry blinked, then turned towards him. "Ed!" Her cheeks had reddened some, as she glared at him. The redness had been from her blushing, or her getting angry. "That wasn't nice!" She reached into the big bowl of pudding, getting a small bit of pudding on her finger, then reached over and put a small dot of pudding on his forehead.

Ed yelped a little, "Hey!" he frowned and was about to try to lick it off before it realized it was his forhead. He whipped it off with his finger and licked it off.

Winry snickered some, wiping a bit of pudding off of her cheek with the back of her hand. She turned away from him, figuring she should get out of there before a food fight started... She began to head for the exit of the kitchen..

Ed grinned deviously as he caught her by the waist and smeared pudding across her nose. "Haha." He snickered.

Winry's cheeks heated more, feeling him catch her. Her right eyebrow twitched some, her eyes crossing to glare down at the pudding on her nose. "Ed!.." She looked at him, leaning forward, wiping the side of her nose on his cheek, attempting to get the pudding off.

Ed blinked, "Ehhh?! What are you trying to do?!" he yelped, trying to get away.

"Getting this off of my nose!" Winry pulled away, sticking her tongue out at him once more.

Ed stuck his tongue back out at her. "Your finger works better then my face, Winry." he suggested, trying to get the pudding off his cheek.

"Yea, well, I wanted to get revenge!" She brought her hand to her face, her fingers wiping away the pudding.

Ed smirked and let go of her, grabbing his bowl of pudding and walking back out to the couch.

Winry glared at him from behind for a few moments, before following him towards the couch. She stopped and plopped down on the floor, her legs crossing.

Ed blinked at her, "You can sit on the couch, you know... "

Winry nodded, "I know, if I wanted to sit on the couch, I would, but I don't, so I didn't." She nodded her head some, smiling to herself.

Ed paused for a moment before he figured out what she had meant. "I see."

Winry grinned at him. "Well, what do you want to do?" She held back a yawn. Her thin frame leaned forward some, her elbows touching the floor, her hands holding her chin.

Ed shrugged and looked out the window as he ate. "I don't know... Go for a walk?"

Winry looked towards the window, watching the rain. "Sure, a walk.. Let's go!" She stood up, her back arching, her arms going out to the sides. She finished stretching, and let her arms fall to her sides.

Ed nodded and finished up his pudding, setting it down on a nearbye table. He pulled his shirt on quickly and tied his hair back in a ponytail. "Alright, do you have an umbrella?" He asked.

Winry blinked some, looking around. "Er, maybe there's one in the closet.." She skittered over to the closet, and looked inside. After a few minutes of going through random items, she found an umbrella. Turning to face him, she held out the umbrella. "Got one."

Ed nodded, "Alright.. Let's go, then." he walked to the door.

Winry followed after him, but paused at the door to slip on her sandles. She smiled over towards him, remembering something from one of their last conversations..

Ed put his shoes on. Maybe the rain would wash off the jello. He walked out onto the porch and opened the umbrella. He jumped a little in shock when an earwig fell out. he shook the umbrella for good measure before holding it above him.

Winry snickered softly, watching as he opened the umbrella. "I think you have a new friend.." She took a few quick steps forward, and was off of the porch. She smiled towards him childishly, letting the rain fall down on her, while waiting for him.

Ed followed her quickly, "Hahah. Earwigs are scary." He caught up to her and walked along beside her, holding the umbrella over the both of them.

Winry nodded some, a small grin on her face. She seemed somewhat quiet, though it may have been because of the rain.. And then.. "Ed?.. When you and Al were little, did you guys really bet on who would marry me?" She had remembered hearing that from someone, most likely Izumi..

Ed blinked. He thought for a moment before he laughed a little, scratching his head, "Yeah... we did. Why?"

Winry shrugged her shoulders, looking off some. "Just curious... Why'd you guys do that?.."

Ed shrugged, "We liked you." He replied, simply. He looked away as a small red tinge spread across his cheeks.

Winry directed her pupils towards him. "Really?" Her own cheeks were now somewhat pink. She forced her eyes to look downwards, her hair falling to the sides of her face.

"Yeah." He nodded, looking over at her. "Why are you asking?"

"Em.. No reason! Just curious, and I'm not a cat, so curiousity won't kill me!" She smiled faintly to herself, watching the ground.

"I gave up on the Colonel," Ed said as he looked away at the trees in the distance.

Winry blinked, slowly looking over towards him. "You gave up on him?... em.. You mind if I ask why?"

"Eh, he's a womanizer. Why bother, really?" He shrugged. "I don't think I'm gay anymore either." He made a bit of a face.

Winry snickered some, an evil comment forming in her head.. "So you're not gay anymore..? Well, I guess that's cool.." She had decided not to say that comment aloud...

"Yeah... Teen hormones really mess with a guys brain. Holy crap," He shook his head a little.

"Hormones... Eh.. Well, they mess with a girl's brain too, you know. I've actually found myself.." Her cheeks reddened alot more than before, her face looking to the side. "Er, nevermind.."

Ed blinked. "What?" He was curiouse himself, now.

Winry shook her head, "Nu uh! Not telling!"

Ed shrugged, "Alright, then. But I'm still curiouse."

Winry sighed softly, muttering, "I've found myself looking at girls every so often..."

Ed blinked. He didn't know what to say to that. "Oh." Was all he could think of.

"Like you said, Hormones!" She nodded sharply, staring off to the side, her arms now swaying by her sides.

"Yeah, I suppose." Ed nodded. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes before looking away again.

Winry slowly looked over towards him, and then back off to the side. "So.." She couldn't find anything to say.

Ed continued to walk. He looked at her again. "What have you been up to while I was in central?" He asked.

Winry looked forward. "Well, I've been going to angermanagement, working on automail whenever I'm able to, trying to make my cooking a little better, playing with Den... Normal stuff.. What've you been doing?"

Ed shrugged, "Working at Central... It's getting a little boring. I was planning on vacationing here for awhile. You wouldn't mind, right?" He asked.

Winry smiled over at him, "I wouldn't mind at all, and I'm sure Grandma would love to have you vacation here for a bit.. Your trips here are too far apart, and are too short. So it'd be great to have you here for longer than a few days.."

Ed nodded, "Alright." He smiled a little.

Winry nodded some, then looked forward once more. "Hey.. when we get back.. You want to play a game or something..? I mean... Eh.. A game like I Never or something.. Though I bet that game wouldn't be fun... since we only.. have two people... Alright, ignore my comment.."

Ed shrugged, "Sure. We could play a game."

Winry looked towards him, "Yes, but what game?.. Truth or Dare isn't a good game unless there's more than three people... I Never would get us both drunk... And the rest of the games I know are kiddy games.."

"..The only other game I know is Quarters, but that would get us drunk too." He replied, frowning a little.

"Maybe we shouldn't play any games..." A small sweatdrop formed on the back of her head.

Ed laughed a little, "Yeah, maybe not." He smiled a little.

"But then.. what would we do..?" She tilted her head a bit, her hand rising up, a finger pressing against her chin.

"We could find something to do when we get back," He said, shrugging slightly.

"Alright.." She grinned cutely at him, a hand shoving down into her pocket.

Ed looked at her and blushed slightly, looking away stubbornly. He shifted the umbrella into his other hand.

Winry blinked, then smiled. "I saw that.." She was talking about his blush, but didn't specify what she saw.

Ed twitched, "Saw what? I didn't do anything."

Winry just continued to smile. "I saw you blush.."

"I wasn't blushing!" He argued, snorting a little.

"You were too!" She spun around and took a step infront of him. "Admit it."

"Why should I admit to something I didn't do?!" He continued to lie.

"... Ugh! Forget it, Ed." She spun on her heel, and began to walk ahead of him.

Ed blinked. Uhoh, now she was mad. He followed her. "Winry, don't get mad at me!"

Winry spun around, shooting him a quick glare, before sighing. "Sorry.." Wow, did she just apologive for getting mad at someone?! She did!

Ed blinked. "Are you feeling alright, Winry?" he asked. He walked closer to her and put his hand against her forehead, "You don't have a fever."

Winry's cheeks went red, feeling his hand on her forehead. "I'm fine, Ed.. I'm not sick.." She took a quick step back, letting her hair fall infront of her face to hide the blush.

"Now your blushing." He smirked and continued walking, right past her.

"... Atleast I can admit it.." She muttered as he walked past. She turned towards him, slowly trailing behind him.

Ed walked in silence for a few minutes before he turned a little and looked at her. "Your quiet, Winry."

Winry blinked up at him. "Really?.. Well, you're being sort of quiet too, you know.. I bet it's the rain..." She nodded, smiling faintly.

Ed shrugged, "I was only quiet cause you were." He waited until she caught up before he continued walking.

Winry had caught up and was now standing beside him. ".. Well... Er.. I'm quiet because I don't know what to say.." She nodded a bit.

He watched her silently for a moment. "I see," Ed looked away.

Winry ran her hand through her hair, then looked towards him. "Hey Ed, you have anyone in mind for your next little crush? If so, I wanna know who.. I'm going to make sure that whoever you pick is going to be good enough for you, m'kay?" She giggled.

Ed rose an eyebrow, "Thats a little...overprotective, isn't it?" he asked.

Winry shrugged, "Maybe, I could probably just be curious and came up with an excuse.."

Ed laughed a little and poked her cheek gently. "Well, what if my next 'little chrush' was harder to... question then you thought?"

Winry blushed faintly, feeling the poke to her cheek. ".. Well, I can.. er.... Why would it be harder to question your next crush?.. Hmm?"

Ed blushed, looking away. "'cause."

Winry leaned towards him some, "'Cause why?"

Ed blushed even more. "Because it's you," He muttered.

Winry gulped some, standing a bit straighter.. "R-r... really?"

Ed nodded a little, looking at the ground and kicking dirt, "Yeah."

Winry smiled softly, looking away as if trying to hide her almost completely red face. ".... Heh.... Ed.. I.. um.. have a crush.. on you.. too.."

"I already knew that, " He said. Ed glanced at her, "You told me in Central, remember?"

"Yea, but I could've gotten over you.. You know.." She crossed her arms, "Plus, I could've had a crush on that guy the angermanagement center tried to get me to date."

Ed raised an eyebrow. "I just might have to possibly hurt him," He muttered.

Winry smiled some, "You won't have to hurt him.. the angermanagement people were the one's that set it up.. Honestly.. I think he was scared of me.." Her smile went wide..

"I wonder why," Ed smirked deviously.

She looked away from him, trying to hide her own smirk as she muttered something about a broken nose and one of the angermanagement people..

Ed raised an eyebrow. He could only guess what happened. "Well... You want to head back now?" He asked. "The rain is starting to let up."

Winry nodded some, "Heading back sounds good.." She felt her face loose it's redness as she turned around. She gave Ed a sweet smile.

He turned and started walking back, waiting for her after a couple of steps. He watched her a little before he continued walking, staring ahead.

Winry followed him, and finally was walking along side him again. She was looking at the ground ahead, while swaying some. "I wonder if Grandma's back yet.."

Ed shrugged, "Maybe." He continued staring ahead as he hesitantly took her hand in his own while he walked.

Winry felt her cheeks heat up, when he took her hand. Her eyes slowly looked towards him, then quickly looked forward. Her lips curled into a small smile.

Ed continued walking, though he seemed to not even pay any attention to the fact he was holding her hand. He glanced around a little as he walked, before looking ahead again at her house, which was slowly coming into sight again.

Winry continued walking along side Ed, smiling sweetly, staring forward. She began to swing her arms some, pulling Ed's along with one of her own since they were still holding hands. She was in a rather good mood now.. Spotting her home, her smile grew.

Ed blinked a little when she started swinging their hands. He realized she was in a freakishly good mood, now. He wondered how long that would last.

"Ed?.. When we get home, wanna.. er... um..." Winry paused, and began of thinking of things to do... "Nevermind, I can't think.. Like you said earlier.. we'll find something to do when we get back!" She began to wonder if saying 'I can't think' was a very good idea..

Ed nodded, "Alright." Although he wasn't really listening, too busy staring off into the distance.

Winry smiled, nodding softly. She blinked, stopping suddenly, so they wouldn't walk past her house..

Ed blinked a little when they stopped. Her looked at her a bit before he looked at the house. "Oh." Oops.

Winry giggled some, pulling him towards the house. "Come on.." She gentally squeezed his hand without really knowing she had done so.

Ed nodded a little and followed her. "Okay..." He walked up the steps to the porch after her.

Winry opened the door, her hand slipping out of Ed's. "Hurry up." She would've added a comment involving the words short legs, slow, and midget, but decided not to.

Ed made a face, "I'm comming, I'm comming..." He walked inside.

Winry stuck her tongue out at him, then gave him a look, "What was that face for?"

Ed shook his head, "Nothing." He took his shoes off and put the umbrella away before he wandered off to sit on the couch.

Winry sighed some, then looked down at her somewhat wet clothing. "I need a shower..." Without saying another word, she headed up towards the washroom to take a shower.

"Alright.." He watched her leave the room before he sprawled out on the couch and yawed.

Around twenty-five through thirty minutes later, she lefted the washroom, dressed in a pair of skirt and a tanktop. She stretched some, while walking towards the living room.

Ed was still lounged across the couch. He yawned a little as he stared into space, his mind pondering a bunch of things. He didn't even notice her come in.

Winry tilted her head at him, slowly making her way towards him. She waved a hand infront of his face, "Ed?"

Ed blinked a little and sat up quickly, "Eh?"

"Sorry, I was just making sure you didn't fall asleep with your eyes open or something.." Winry let out a soft laugh, sitting in a chair near the couch.

Ed shook his head. "I don't sleep with my eyes open," He replied, stretching a little.

Winry shrugged some, "Well.. whatever," She crossed her legs at her ankles, her eyes directed upwards.

Ed watched her, "You look bored." He looked out the window.

Winry looked over towards him, "Well.. I guess I sort of am, but you seem to be bored too.." She crossed her arms, in a none-angry way.

Ed shrugged, "I'm not that bored." He replied.

Winry blinked at him, then smiled. She slowly stood, and began to head towards the kitchen..

Ed blinked and looked back at her. "Eh? Where are you going?" He got up and followed her.

"I'm going somewhere.." She had remembered she still had a few jello balloons in the fridge... "Why do you wanna know?"

"Because I was looking through the fridge when you were in the shower." He retorted.

Winry froze in her spot, and slowly looked back towards Ed..

"Haha! There are jello-balloons in there, arn't there?" He grinned.

"Noooooo! Why would you say that?!" She turned towards him, waving her hands infront of her.

"'Cause you stopped when I said I was in the fridge earlier when I wasn't." He walked around her, "There is, isn't there?"

She shook her head, her hair whipping her in the face, water droplets going almost everywhere. "No there isn't!"

"Oh really?" Ed rose a brow. "So if I go look in the fridge, I won't see one?"

Winry sighed some, grabbing at Ed's arm, attempting to pull him back towards the couch. "You won't see anything, because you're not going to go look!"

"Gah!" He followed her, almost tripping on his feet. "I'm right, arn't I?"

"No, you ar- Eeek!" Her foot had gotten caught on something, her body falling back first towards the ground, pulling Ed with her.

Ed yelped a little when he fell, catching himself with his arms before he hit the ground.

Winry, of course, couldn't catch herself, her back thudded against the ground, knocking the wind out of her..

Ed looked down at her, "Are you ok..?" He asked.

Winry nodded some, "Are you..?"

Ed nodded, "Yeah..." He got up and held a hand out to help her up.

Winry took his hand and pulled herself up. "Note to self, watch what you step on.." She smiled goofily (Not a word, who cares. <.< ), taking a few deep breaths.

Ed looked at her, laughing a little. "Your so clumsy sometimes, Winry..."

Winry shot him a playful glare, though it didn't look too playful.. "Oh yea?"

Ed nodded, crossing his arms behind his head, "Yeah."

And she stuck her tongue out at him again, a 'nyaaaaah' noise coming from her.

Ed grabbed her tongue gently with his metal hand, smirking triumphantly. "Hahaha~!"

Winry's eyes went wide, knowing she couldn't bite his fingers, or she may break her teeth, and if she pulled away it'd hurt.. "Weg wo! (Let go)"

Ed, still smirking, let go of her tongue and whiped his hand off on his shirt.

Winry's cheeks were a soft red, though it may have been from anger. She shot him a non-playful glare, bringing her hand to her mouth, wiping her tongue off with the back of her hand.

Ed watched her, "I was just teasing."

Winry nodded, "Yea.. I know, but expect payback." She grinned evily, thinking of things to do..

"I'm poping those balloons in the fridge." Ed replied, twitching slightly.

Winry giggled, "Really? Well, I can just make more jello, and buy more balloons.."

"Then I'll pop them too." Pause. "Can't I just make it up to you instead of having revenge against me?" He pleaded.

"Make it up to me? How would you make it up to me?" She perked a brow, tilting her head to the side some.

"...I don't know." he scratched his head.

Winry poked him in the forehead. "Well, I'll be plotting my revenge until you think of how to make it up to me."

"You think of something for me to do. I don't know what I could do." he frowned.

Winry's cheeks began to burn, as she turned away, "Well fine, let me think about it."

Ed watched her a moment before he sat on the couch again, stretching.

Winry shot him a look, and shook her head some, plopping down in the chair she was sitting on earlier.

"Don't you have anything to do other then sitting around...?" He asked. "...I'm getting bored."

"There are games in the closet, but I think that if we searched for them, we'd be lost in the dust covering them.. I normally work on automail, but I doubt you're interested in that.." Her shoulders moved in an up and down motion.

"Well, If you want, you can go work on your automail..." Ed suggested. He rolled over and looked at her, smirking as he mouthed 'Machine geek'.

"... I could.." Her eyebrow twitched as she watched him mouth those words. "And you could practice your alchemy skills.. Make sure you aren't getting rusty." A small smirk crossed her lips, mouthing the words 'Alchemy freak'.

Ed's eyebrow twitched aswell. "I think the only thing getting rusty about me would be my arm and leg!" he retorted, snorting slightly.

If looks could kill, Ed would be a pile of ash. "Your arm and leg aren't rusty! They shouldn't be anyways if you've been cleaning it like you should, midget!"

Ed jumped up, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MIDGET?!" He yelled.

"I'M CALLING YOU A MIDGET, YOU BEAN!" She loudly responded.

Ed growled. "MACHINE FREAK!" He yelled, as he got up and left the house, not bothering with his shoes or jacket.

Winry glared at the door, shaking her fist towards it. "I hope you get rained on!" She called out after him. She spun around, and ran up to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Ed stormed off down the street, glaring at everything in his path as the rain seemed to get even worse.

Winry glared an any object in her room, picking up random things, pillows, chunks of automail, and other items, and began to chuck them at the walls.

Ed continued walking, until he ended up at the remains of his burned house. He screamed furiously as he turned and kicked the tree beside him as hard as he could. He plopped down on the ground under it, taking a deep breath.

Winry threw one last item before falling onto her bed. Her face was red, she was panting some, and her eyes were shut. She gulped, a tear falling out of one of the corners of her eye. She rolled onto her side, muttering something that sounded similar to 'stupid alchemy freak'.

Ed groaned in frustration as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the tree. He winced slightly and looked down at his ankle... It looked like it was swelling. He sighed. Oh well..

Winry slowly sat up, her eyes grazing over her room, which now had many broken things throughout it. "I need to find Ed.." She stumbled out of her room, somehow managing to not step on anything broken. Down the stairs she went. She stopped though, seeing Ed's shoes and jacket, and collected those objects. She slipped on her own shoes, choosing not to grab her own jacket, and ran out.

Ed stretched his leg out so it didn't hurt very much anymore. He put his arm on his knee and rested his head on it. He sighed a little and closed his eyes.

Winry began to wonder why that every time they met up with each other, they fought. Sighing, she figured it was her fault.. Her hand went to her mouth, "Ed!" She headed towards Ed's old house, hoping he went there..

Ed blinked slightly and looked up tiredly. He could've sworn he just heard his name... He decided not to take the chance and got up, limping around to the other side of the tree and sitting back down.

Winry came up to the area tha Ed's house use to be at.. and looked around. "Ed? Are you here?" She hugged his shoes and jacket to her chest, now biting her lower lip softly.

Ed stayed where he was, not saying a thing. He sat as still as he could, staring into space.

Winry sighed, shaking her head some, "He's not here.. where could he be.." She turned around and began to jog back towards her home, thinking maybe he had went back there.

Ed let out a sigh of relief when he heard her turn and leave. He didn't feel like arguing with her...

Winry reached her house, and stood outside infront of it, the rain pouring down on her. She was frowning.. her eyebrows were furrowed upwards.. She took a few steps up onto the porch, and slowly went inside.

Ed looked around the tree. Satisfied that she was out of sight, he decided he should move incase she came back. He got up and began limping slowly towards the graveyard.

Winry sat Ed's jacket and shoes down on the couch and made her way back to the door. She stepped outside, and sat down on the porch. "I'll wait for him.. I guess I should apologive to him when he gets back.." She looked to the side, a sigh excaping her lips.

Ed continued on his way to the graveyard. He sighed as he looked up at the rain. Today just wasn't going to go well, was it..? He cursed mentally as he entered the graveyard and walked the all-to familiar path to his mothers gravestone.

"I just need to give him space, right..? I mean.. he did come up here to vacation.. So.. I shouldn't pester him.." She leaned back against the outside wall of the house, staring out at the rain..

Ed sat down at his destination and plopped onto his back, staring up at the sky as it downpoured on him. Stupid rain...

Winry stood up, "I should go begin supper.." She mummered, wandering back into the house, towards the kitchen. Just to save Ed the trouble, when she got into the kitchen, she pulled the jelloballoons out of the fridge and popped them over the sink..

Ed sighed as he layed there for about fifteen minutes. He finally pulled himself up and began limping back to Winrys. He needed a pack of ice and to get out of his damn wet clothes.

During that fifteen minutes, she had pulled out a big pot, noodles, and had filled the pot with water and placed it on the stove. She pulled out a thing of sauce, and sat it on the counter. Now, she leaned back against the counter, staring at the water, waiting for it to boil.

Ed continued to walk until he stood at the front of Winrys house. He sighed and held onto the railing as he slowly climbed the stairs, careful of his wounded limb. He hobbled over to the door and walked inside slowly..

Winry blinked some, swearing she heard the door. Shaking her head, she figured it was nothing and put the dried noodles into the now boiling water.. Next, she pulled out another pot and poured the sauce into it, setting it on the stove next to the larger pot, keeping the flame for the smaller pot on low..

Ed decided to avoid the kitchen, since he could hear the rattling of pots and her rattling about in the kitchen. He headed to the stairs and sighed as he hobbled up the stairs, wincing.

Winry mumbled to herself, leaning back against the counter once more.. She was still in her wet clothes, but didn't really seem to notice or care. Her thoughts weren't on the food either, seeing as she was suppose to be stirring the noodles in the large pot..

Ed continued to limp to the guest room. He sat himself down on a bed and stared up at the cieling, sighing.

Winry stared downwards, her right foot tapping on the floor some. She was thinking, thinking of things she could do around the house to avoid Ed, even if she knew she had to apologive to him..

Ed yawned a little and tolled onto his side. His wet blonde hair plastered against his face, but he didn't seem to care. He didn't bother getting up to change, either.

A few squeeks and metal banging against each other was heard from the kitchen, as she realized the water in the large pot was overflowing. She began to stir as quickly as she could, which had created the metal banging noise, because the spoon kept hitting the sides of the pot..

Ed sat up. He needed dryer clothing... This was really uncomfortable. He got up and limped to the front door to get his bag.

Winry blinked as she stirred, thinking she heard something again.. "E-.. Ed?" She had turned her head towards the kitchen's door when she called out, but quickly turned it towards the pot of noodles..

Ed didn't say anything. He only grabbed his bag and hobbled back upstairs again.

Winry looked down, sighing. If it was Ed, he appearently didn't wish to speak with her, and if it wasn't.. she was going nuts. She left the stove for a moment to pull a strainer out from the cuboard. Setting the object in the sink, she went back to the stove, and grabbed the handles of the pot. She quickly poured the noodles into the strainer, along with the water.

Ed twitched a little as he redressed. He felt like laying on the couch. It was much more comfy-er.

"Supper's almost done!" She called out, just in case Ed was home. When there was no more water, she poured the cooked noodles back into the pot, and took the sauce from the other pot and poured it into the larger pot. Setting the once sauce filled pot in the sink, she began to mix the noodles and sauce..

Ed twitched again. As much as he was hungry... No, no! He would not be pulled downstairs by his hunge-- Was that pasta? He limped downstairs.

Winry smiled faintly, seeing that everything was mixed together as it was suppose to be. Maybe she was getting to be a better cook.. Anyways, she pulled two bowls out of the cuboard, and two forks out of the drawer. Setting all of the items down on the table, she stood there, waiting to see if he would come...

Ed walked into the kitchen, hiding his limp the best he could. He didn't want her bothering him about it. He just wanted to get food and leave.

Winry waved some, looking off to the side, whispering a quick "I'm sorry" before reaching for a bowl and fork, holding the things out towards him.

Ed caught her apology, though it took him amoment to realize what she had said. "'s fine." He mummbled. He took it gently and dished himself some food before heading upstairs. Once his back was turned to her, he winced as he continued to try to walk upstairs.

Winry nodded some, picking up her own fork and bowl, getting herself some food after him. She was now planning on just going to her room to work on automail, eat, and ignore the outside world. She turned and slowly began up the stairs, not really noticing if Ed was still walking up them or not..

Ed had still only gotten halfway up. When he noticed Winry comming, he tried to go quicker.

Winry stopped some, looking up the stairs to see Ed. She figured he was just taking his time, and if something were wrong, he wouldn't tell her about it, right? So she took a breath, and quickly walked past him...

Ed watched her walk up the stairs. He accidently stepped straight onto his foot, and winced, letting out a small gasp. He quickly stepped up on the next step and kept walking as if nothing happened.

Winry spun around, blinking at him. She had heard his gasp. "Ed..? Are you alright..?" She gave a look of concern. She was worried..

Ed shook his head, looking away stubbornly. "I'm fine."

Winry turned away from him, and continued up the stairs. 'He wouldn't tell me if he were hurt.. heck, he wouldn't tell me if he were dying!' She shook her head some, before entering her room. Since she figured she wouldn't be out of her room for a while, she might as well say something before shutting out the rest of the world, "Night Ed.." Click, the door shut.

Ed watched her and climbed the stairs slowly. He didn't feel right lieing her her about being hurt. He stared at the ground as he stopped at her bedroom door and opened it just a crack. "I kicked a tred, " his explanation. "Good night." He closed the door again and continued back to the spare room.

Winry perked a brow, then shook her head some. "A tree.. You're an idiot.. Ed.." She began to nibble on a forkful of pasta, staring down at some designs she had created for some new automail parts..

Ed sat down on the bed and stared out the window as he ate. He sighed. Everything seemed fine, and then she suddenly flipped on him. He just couldn't win her, could he?

Winry sat at her desk, the designs for the automail ontop of it. Finding a place to put her bowl of pasta, she pulled out a pencil, a blank peice of lined paper, and began to scribble down on it.

Ed finished his pasta quickly. He decided to visit Winry and see if she was in any of a better mood. He limped down the hall slowly. Stopping at her door, he knocked on it gently. "Winry."

Winry blinked, looking towards her door. "Come on in.. Ed.." She shoved the peice of paper she was writing on in a drawer, and stood up quickly

Ed opened the door and took a step in. Almost instantly tripping on something. He looked down. Metal. Possibly, no, more then likely for automail. He resisted the urge to tease her. "I'm sorry..." He held back the twitch. "..For yelling, and running out... And not answering you when you called me at the house..." He mummbled.

Winry looked off to the side, just now realizing her room was a complete and total mess from her little 'fit' earlier. "I started it though.. so you shouldn't be apologiving.." She sighed some, "You were at the house..?... Well, I see why you didn't answer.."

"It's not your fault." He limped over to her bed and sat on the edge of it. "I kicked the tree because I was Frustrated." He replied. "It's not your fault."

Winry eyed him some, then his foot. "You need someone to bandage that, you know... or do something to it.." She had just ignored what he said. "Well, I'm not letting you move anymore, walking around that is, you'll end up hurting yourself more.." She nodded to this.

Ed shrugged, "I'll be fine." He looked at her, "I'm fine."

"You're not going to be fine if you keep walking around on a bad ankle!" She shook a finger in his face, trying to hold back a laugh..

Ed watched her finger. "I'm gonna bite that, y'know..."

"You bite me, and I'll bite back.." Winry smiled as innocently as she could at him.

"...Good point." He didn't trust her teeth. You never knew how sharp awomans teeth could be. Canines, he thought.

Winry gave him a widetoothed grin, before pulling her finger away from his face. She giggled some, before looking around. "Well, since you're not going to move.. I should clean this up.." She sweatdropped some..

"It's fine... I can go back to the spare room," He replied.

"No! You're not moving!" She turned back towards him, a quick anime scene playing with flames and narrowed eyes. Anime scene over. She turned away from him, shaking her head quickly, "you're staying there!"

Ed twitched. "I can hop... Or crawl..." He watched her.

Winry sighed, shaking her head. "I'm not about to watch you crawl, unless it's from me whacking you in the head with my wrench. And you aren't hopping.. You just aren't."

"...Alright." He sighed. Ed looked up at her before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her down towards him, into a hug. "...Thank you." He muttered, before letting go of her.

Winry blinked, one minute she was standing up straight, and the next she was being hugged. She hugged him back quickly, then pulled away when she was let go. "... You're welcome Ed.."

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