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I, crackfandom as your angsty!Wrath ph34r_my_wrath will be MIA for three days. From May 27th-29th because I'm at an anime convention. =D So while I'm at Anime North you guys will be living your lives in jealousy of me okay? ^.~ XD. Just joking. =D Just a heads up for you guys so I won't be shot or bricked or any of those good things. I'll be sure to update all my character's journals before I go though so no worries.

intimidat3d as your Riza Hawkeye hotshot_hawk will be kidnapped by me >) MIA through those three days as well. (You don't mind me posting this right? ^^;;)

Your mod, rainy_luna as Ed milksux will also be kidnapped by me >D MIA through those three days. She reminds you guys to play nice and don't go letting the community die. =D Just a heads up and notice so we don't spam the community. ^_^

x-posted to nine other roleplay groups so sorry if you see this message more than once. @.@
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