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[ Log ] Scheska & Fletcher

If anyone remembers, Scheska offered Fletcher (and Russel whom we currently lack) a place to stay at her home ^^;

"Okay then, gotta go down this street," Fletcher muttered to himself, keeping his eyes affixed on the scribbles on a small sheet of paper, then back up at landmarks to look out for and street signs. "She said it was near the millitary headquaters... And it's right over there... Think I'm going in the right direction..."

After walking a bit more into town, getting lost at various places and having a bit of help from the locals, Fletcher found himself of a small little home, just as described over their recent phone conversation... Small, but a seemlingly nice little place.

"Oh, no...I'm stuck under all these books again..." Scheska sighed, trying to shift from her uncomfortable position. As of now, she was buried under a large pile of books, unable to move. She only hoped that Fletcher would come over soon, and attempt to help get her out. Then again, he said he might be a bit late because he needed to navigate the city, so he could take a long time to get to her house.

The bookish woman sighed, groaning inwardly. One could only hope...

"Ms. Scheska?" Fletcher called, knocking on the door. "Are you home? It's Fletcher..."

It was silent, though he could've sworn he heard some muffled shouts behind the door. "Ms. Scheska?"

He knocked lightly again, staring nervously at the door.

Scheska blinked, hearing knocks at the door. Could it be... "Ms. Scheska? Are you home? It's Fletcher..."

Growing frantic, she started to twitch and shout. "Ah! Fletcher! Come in! Quick, can you help me out?! The door's unlocked, come in, come in!"

Fletcher blinked, taking a hold of the doorknob and twisting it open. He stumbled over, catching himself, then looking up...

Only to find a lot of freakin' books. He gaped in awe for a moment; When she said her had a lot of books, she REALLY meant she had a LOT of books!

Noticing a certain pile of books that wiggled, he stepped over several other piles, lifting up a large encyclopedia to reveal Scheska's head.

"Ms. Scheska? Are... Are you all right?"

Scheska looked up at him, then smiled and laughed relievedly.

"Thank you so much, Fletcher! I thought you wouldn't get here for a while yet! I know it's a bit crowded in here, but I haven't had the chance to clean up yet....oh, and if it's not too much trouble, could you help me out of here?"

She laughed again, albeit nervously.

"Sure," he agreed, starting to push aside her large collection of the books. "I tried my best to get here as quickly as I could... I didn't want to keep you waiting." He looked around some more, admiring the stacks of books.

'I bet Brother would love this... Spends so much on them.'

"What kind of books do you have here?"

She sighed, stretching out her limbs gratefully. "Ahhh...thank you, Fletcher, and no, it's okay, you didn't keep me waiting long!"

Looking happily at the piles around them, she smiled at him.

"I have all kinds of books! Everything from history to geography, nonfiction, biographies, science fiction, romance, adventure, alchemy, cooking, algebra, English, and languages! Plus so much more!" Her hands clasped together as her eyes sparkled dreamily.

"Even alchemy..." Fletcher echoed softly to himself. "You really seem to like books a lot. Do you do any sort of research?"

"Ahhh..." Scheska looked up at him sadly, then removed her glasses and rubbed her eyes. "I used to research quite a bit. I still do, but not nearly as much as I once did. I haven't really researched much since Lieutenant Col- I mean, Brigadier General Hughes died. He used to work me a lot, but he was a good boss!" She sighed, wiping away a tear before replacing her glasses and smiling at Fletcher.

"So, what do you think of the place? I mean, it'll be cleaner when you and your brother come to stay, but you know..."

Ah, so she was a part of the millitary... It made more sense to him now.

Fletcher looked around, observing the house more carefully now. "It's perfect!" he smiled, nodding to emphasize his statement. "It's defiantly a lot better than having to jump from lodge to lodge, and not be able to get anything done. I really do appriciate you letting us stay, and I'm sure Brother does too. I wanted him to come with me, but he said he had other stuff to do..." He scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Scheska smiled at Fletcher warmly. "Oh, I was happy that I could help you two. Don't worry, I don't need your appreciation, it really wasn't that big of a deal...anyways, when would you like to start moving in?"

"Ha, well," Fletcher scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Brother's being a bit skeptical about the entire thing... Someone letting us stay for a while for free, after all. I'll need to talk it over with him... Give him the okay and such... I have no idea when he'll actually COME, though; He's always off doing one thing or the other..."

"Hmm..." Scheska laughed a bit, shaking her head. "Edward can be the same way. Somehow, I think it's kind of a habit you develop when you want to protect your little brother...from what I've seen, anyways." She stood and patted away some of the books' dust away from her pants.

"Well, since our arrangement seems to be on hold for the moment, would you like to come with me to get some food? I know this interesting cafe a few blocks away, and it's the least I could do."

"Edward?" Fletcher perked up, looking curiously. "You know Edward as well? And--um-- S-sure. But I don't have any money..." He pulled his pockets inside-out to demonstrate.

"Yes, I know Edward. In fact, I believe I first saw him when he was twelve years old...a fresh state alchemist, in fact. And don't worry, I'll pay for it." Scheska nodded, smiling reassuredly.

Fletcher blinked. "It seems like everyone knows Ed... It's kind of strange, really." He shrugged it off, accepting the offer further.

Scheska shrugged nonchalantly, retrieving her coat from the closet. "Well, you know what they call him. 'The Hero of The People'. Everyone's bound to have heard of him, right?" She asked, putting on her coat carefully.

"I guess so," he replied.

Scheska nodded, smiling at Fletcher. "Shall we go, then?"

"Y-Yeah!" Fletcher chirped, catching up to her.

She tilted her head slightly, but sighed and walked down the street with him next to her. Whatever was going to happen with these boys in her house, it was definitely going to be interesting...

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