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Riza goes to visit Ed and warn him about certain things. o_o

Riza made her way - a bit hesitantly, even - across the street and towards the hotel that she was aware that Edward Elric was residing in. She patiently waited in the lobby as the young lady at the front desk buzzed him down.

Ed frowned. What was with all the bloody visitors lately? He had just got back from Roys, in the /pouring rain/ even, and then someone HAS to come over and buzz him down. "Damnit." He cursed, as he pulled a black shirt on over his bare chest and headed downstairs to find the person who had buzzed him down.

Riza glanced up upon Edward's arrival, and stood from her seat in the lobby. Her usual calm, friendly smile looked unimaginably weak as she waved at him. "Hello, Hagane no," she said. She wasn't in her military uniform, but her summer skirt and blouse.

"Captain," He greeted, smoothly, as he began raking a mind for a reason why she was there. He frowned to himself, he couldn't think of anything.

She bowed a bit, smiling despite herself. "Sorry to disturb you but I've become aware of a matter that needs to be discussed, and can not be held off," she said, a bit sternly. She observed him a minute thoughtfully, hoping that this wasn't REALLY a big joke, as she had assumed Izumi was pulling on her in the first place.

"...okay, then... Would you like to come upstairs then..?" He offered.

"Alright... a quiet environment would probably be better," she said, privately sweatdropping. It didn't appear as though he was in all of a good mood, and she knew that even on a good day he was quick to temper.

Ed nodded and turned to head back to his hotel room on the second floor. Knowing this would lead to something embarassing, he was glad Alphonse wasnt home. Then again, where WAS Alphonse? He dissapeared a lot lately.

Riza followed, looking around the hotel corridors. It wasn't as though she'd never been in one before, though for some reason she found it interesting, though there wasn't anything to be interesting about. She chose to not say anything until they were in Edward's hotel room, for privacy reasons.

Edward unlocked the door to his hotel room and walked in, holding the door open for Riza. He was still wondering what was so private that she insisted on going to his hotel room, but he knew this would end in...well, he knew it would end bad.

She walked in. "Domo arigato," she said with a meek smile, and once all was secure, she sighed and tugged at a strand of blond hair a bit. "Well.. you've probably guessed that I'm not here for the brightest of reasons, I'll out and say it now." She sighed, crossing her arms. "I had tea with Mrs Izumi Curtis the other day."

"...Now I know this isn't going anywhere good, if Sensei has something to do with it." He narrowed his eyes a bit, mentalling cursing the woman. Well, HALFWOMAN since she basically had no insides.

She twitched a bit. "Do you want me to get this out and over with or do you need some time to collect yourself?" she asked, arms still folded.

"No, just spit it out, " Ed said, quickly. He wanted to know where this was going.

Riza twitched a slight more, and let a breath go. "I've heard some things about you having feelings for Roy," she said. Guh.

"..." Ed's face turned almost as red as his old Alchemy jacket. "...Oh." Was all he could spit out.

Riza set her forhead in her hand, closing her eyes a moment. "So it's true then?" she said, gazing up a bit and watching as his relatively fair skin turned to the rose red colour.

"...Yes. Whats that got to do with your visit?" He asked. He had no problem admitting it to her... He knew she was trustworthy; she would shoot someone before telling them. Unless she really really had to, he supposed. Unlike his sensei who is out to ruin his life right this moment, he guessed.

Riza sighed, preparing her explination. "You can't allow anything become of this, Edward." She realized bluntly in the back of her head this was practically the first time she'd called him by his actual name.

"I hadn't panned on it. Mustang isn't gay; hes as straight as a 180 degree angle." (I think thats right; he means a straight line) He shrugged, "I'd just humiliate myself."

Riza sighed. "But you have to understand the reason, Edward. Do you know how dangerous it would be for Roy if you two had a fling and someone found out?" she asked sternly.

"I realize that. But I dont need to worry about it, as nothing will happen, captain. As Roy said today, He only enjoys talking with me. Theres nothing else." He said, crossing his arms.

Riza actaully looked suprised. "You told him?" she asked.

"No. I didn't. I was at his house earlier." Ed said, bluntly.

She rose a brow. "Alright. Just remember, Hagane no," she said. "You're not eighteen yet. This was all my main reason for coming, so I'll leave you to your evening activities now, I suppose." She paused, before adding; ".. Would you mind if I visited him myself, revolving around this reason?" she asked, curiously. "I won't say anything about your.. feelings," she promised.

"Even if I was, Captain, I wouldn't. He wouldn't." Ed shrugged, then paused, "I know you wouldn't... Go ahead."

Riza bowed her head. "Thank you for your time." She headed towards the door, fixing her purse on her shoulder.
Ed saluted her a little with his metal arm and watched her leave, walking over to the window and staring out. It was still pouring rain. Then he began to think, Would he do something about how he felt? He didn't know himself, maybe he just kept telling himself he wouldn't to reassure himself.

Oh well. All hell would brake loose soon, anyways, he was sure of that.

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